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Medela Breast Pump Parts

Nursing your baby is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, exhausting, frustrating, painful and amazing things we do as mothers! There are many ups and downs of breastfeeding and it is certainly a different experience for every mother. Add in pumping breastmilk and it can bring on even more emotions.

Whether you are pumping because you work and are separated from baby, or to build supply, or maybe you exclusively pump, making sure you have the right Medela Breast Pump parts can be essential to maintaining your breastfeeding relationship. I know when I was pumping, finding the right parts at an affordable price was super important to me!

Well look no further. I decided to put together this site to give you all of your options when it comes to getting the correct Medela Breast Pump parts that you need! There are a number of different pumps out there and knowing which tube goes with what pump, what flange is best and all those other unknown questions will be answered for you here!

Medela Pump in Style Parts

Getting Medela Breast Pump parts for the Medela Pump in Style is not too complicated. For the most part, you will need tubing, breastshields, connectors and membranes. There may be some other accessories you want to purchase based upon how you use the pump (such as the car adapter, an extra power adapter or breastmilk bottles), but we’ll cover all those in another section.

Medela Pump in Style Tubing

The tubing that works with the Medela Pump in Style Advanced is different than the tubing that works with the other Medela Breast Pumps so you’ll want to make sure you get the right one. The Medela Pump in Style tubing is clear and has a yellow adapter inserted into one end of the tubing. The other end attaches to the front of the breastpump itself. If you need replacement Medela Pump in Style Tubing, there are a few options.

We scoured the internet in search of the best deals on the Medela Pump in Style tubing and it turns out Amazon has the widest and best selection. You can purchase the Official Medela Pump in Style tubing if you want or you can go with an off market brand by Maymom that works just as well. Amazon beats the Medela website on pricing even for the official product.

Official Medela Pump in Style Tubing

Non Official Medela Pump in Style Tubing

Medela Breastshields

Have you ever been pumping and thought holy cow, my nipples hurt!? This could be because your breastshields are too small. The breastshields are an essential item for your breast pump. Whether your pump is new or used, you may need different or new breastshields. If it is used, you DEFINITELY need breastshields and tubing as you need to replace any part of the pump that could have come in contact with milk from the previous owner. If you bought your pump new, ensuring that you have the correct fit on your breastshields is super important for your comfort during nursing.

The correct fit for a breastshield is one where your nipple fits comfortably inside the flanged part of the shield. When pumping, there should not be pain in your nipple from rubbing against the side of the breastshield. The breastshield should fit comfortably on your breast and cover your areola. Medela breastshields come in small to XXL. Again, Amazon comes in at the lowest cost for all sizes. Even better when you throw in the free shipping for Prime members!

Medela Personal Fit Breastshield

Medela Connectors

The connectors are another one of the essential Medela Breast Pump parts and they may need to be replaced from time to time. If you feel like your pump isn’t getting the correct suction or there is mold inside the connectors, then it may be time for replacement. There is one standard connector for the Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump. You can purchase a breastshield that is fully connected to the connector piece, but I personally do not recommend that. It makes cleaning a PAIN and is very difficult to get completely dry after washing. Here are the connectors we recommend and again, you’ll save the most by purchasing them directly through Amazon.

Medela Pump in Style Connector

Medela Valves and Membranes

The other pieces that you’ll need for your Medela Breast Pump parts are the valves and membranes. The membranes attach to the valve and function to facilitate the suction on your breastpump. This is probably one of the pieces that gets worn out the easiest, as well as one of the pieces that gets the moldiest. Fortunately they are one of the least expensive accessories to replace. You can purchase the valves and membranes together or separately, depending on what you need. Similar to the Medela Breast Pump tubing, this is another option that is available from Medela or from other retailers. I have personally used both and was not able to experience any difference so for me, the cost savings was beneficial. Here are your options when it comes to valves and membranes.

Medela Valves and Membranes

Non Official Medela Valves and Membranes

Medela Accessory Kits

You can purchase a kit that contains almost all of the pieces you need, and this is certainly convenient and cost effective. The only downside is these kits do not come with the Medela Pump in Style Tubing so you would still have to purchase that separately. Regardless, it is a good option and certainly convenient. The accessory kits can make a great gift for a nursing mom as well!

Medela Pump in Style Accessory Kit

Other Medela Breast Pump Parts

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is an extremely popular pump, so we’ll mainly focus on that in our discussion. However, we will touch on some of the other pumps, such as the Medela Symphony, Medela Freestyle and Medela Swing pump on the Medela Breast Pump Tubing page.

If you have any questions about any of the items listed above, please use our contact us page and we’ll be happy to help you out! Otherwise, we highly suggest you check out the items listed on this page for all of your Medela Breast Pump part needs.