Everything You Need to Know about Medela Pump in Style Tubing

If you think your pump is starting to suck, and not in a good way (ha!) then be sure you read this before you buy any Medela Pump in Style tubing! There are a LOT of different options out there when it comes to this particular tubing so you definintely want to make sure you get the right one the first time around. There is nothing worse than waiting for new tubing to come in the mail only to find it is less than par and you’re still where you were a few days ago – engorged, sore and irritated!

Where to buy Medela Pump in Style Tubing

There are a lot of options for where you can buy your Medela accessories but don’t rush into any decisions…

Brick and Mortar Retailers

You can get the tubing for the Pump in Style Advanced pump pretty much anywhere that sells Medela pumps…but you’ll probably pay an arm and a leg for it! Some of the major retailers like Babies R Us sell it, but holy cow is it expensive. Now, if you’re like me, which is a mom on a budget, I try to save wherever I can so blowing extra money on things like breast pump tubing is NOT something I typically would do.

Other local baby stores that are more in the category of boutique shops probably sell it as well (as long as they carry Medela pumps), but again, you’ll pay a higher price. Plus, I don’t know about you but I sure like to hit the easy button these days and have something delivered to my door. With a toddler in tow and a young baby, loading them all up to go get some Medela Pump in Style Tubing is about the LAST thing I want to do.

Online Retailers

Just like physical locations, there are a lot of options for where to buy your Medela Pump in Style tubing online. The number of online baby retailers these days is pretty much endless and almost all of them, again if they carry Medela products, will offer some form of the tubing that you need. The question is, how much do you want to spend and are you willing to try one of the non-Medela offers? Read on to find out about your options…

Specific Choices with Medela Pump in Style Tubing

As we talked about in the page on Medela Breast Pump tubing in general, you have some choices to make when it comes to getting replacement parts. There are the official Medela tubes that you’ll pay a premium for, but there are also a good amount of other brands that you can use. I personally have used both and was quite satisfied with them so it’s really a personal preference.

Official Medela Pump in Style Tubing

If you want to get the real deal Medela tubing for your Pump in Style, you have a couple options. You can purchase it directly through the Medela website but you will pay more. The same exact tubing on Amazon is $5 less so you’ll save right there. Here is that particular deal that we recommend.
Official Medela Pump in Style TubingYou can also purchase the Medela Pump in Style tubing as part of a pumping kit. Now, be careful because the pumping kit is different than the accessory kit. The accessory kit does NOT include tubing so you’ll be sorely disappointed if you get that on accident.

Again, Amazon comes in as the best place to buy this Double Pumping Kit. It’s $10 cheaper than the official Medela website and also includes free shipping for prime members or if your total order is over $35! I personally love Amazon. As a busy mom, having what I need delivered to my door is irreplaceable! Check out this bundled Double Pumping Kit which has a lot of your breastfeeding needs.
Medela Pump in Style Double Pumping Kit

Other Medela Pump in Style Tubing Options

Lastly, if you really want to save some money and still get great replacement Medela Pump in Style tubing, you can go with one of the off brands that are available on Amazon. I’m sure you see a running theme here, that Amazon is our go to retailer for all of our Medela Breast Pump parts, but they have a huge selection at great prices, so why not?

I personally have purchased the replacement tubing from Maymom and it works great with my Pump in Style. You can buy it as a single pack which contains two tubes and adapters which is everything you need to replace your tubing. Best part, it is all less than $10!!! Check that out here.
Non Official Medela Pump in Style TubingThere are a number of other retailers on Amazon that all have excellent prices, but I know and trust Maymom and would stick with them. The only thing I shy away from are the package deals with tubing and breastshields combined. I personally think you are better off buying the breastshields separately so you get the best fit!

As you can see, there are a lot of different options with your Medela Pump in Style tubing but hopefully we have helped you narrow in on your decision. If you have any questions on whether a particular product is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for help!